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Tweezer Glue Remover

Tweezer Glue Remover


Ever had a sticky situation where the adhesive creeps on your tweezers, making picking up fine eyelashes harder than it already is?


Stop picking off the dried glue with your finger nails or your extra pair of tweezers. Our new glue remover for tweezers will make the cleaning process 100 times easier and ensure your tweezers remain clean and shiny!


It's quick and easy to use. Simply dip the tip of your tweezers in the jar and twist into the sponge ball at the bottom for 1-3 seconds - or until clean.


  • 0.15ml
  • Two random colored sponge balls
  • Airtight inner lid for extended use and freshness


Please Note! Ensure the airtight inner lid is replaced after every use to keep product fresh!

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